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Environmental Benefits of Leveling Concrete Over Replacing It

Kingsport, TN

Before you decide to rip out your uneven, cracked concrete to pour new slabs, you may want to consider the impacts on the environment.

We know that when people think of leveling concrete, chances are high that their next thought isn’t the environment. But our concrete specialists in the Tri-cities area explain on the blog today that polyurethane foam concrete leveling is not only less expensive than concrete replacement, it’s also far better for our planet’s health.

How so? Let’s take a look:

What is polyurethane foam concrete lifting?

Over time, the soil under concrete erodes, often resulting in uneven or cracked concrete. To repair this, our Kingston concrete leveling pros drill small, 1-inch holes strategically in the compromised concrete and inject expanding polyurethane foam into the holes. Concrete repair specialists once used a recommended “muddy slurry” to inject in the holes and lift concrete, but as technology has improved, polyurethane foam has become the preferred material to inject under concrete for lifting and leveling.

Materials used

Polyurethane foam is made of non-toxic, liquid materials that form a chemical reaction once combined. This reaction causes the foam to expand and fill the area under the concrete. Many manufacturers of the materials used for polyurethane leveling use recycled materials to make the foam, lowering the amount of carbon used to make it. On the contrary, studies suggest that the production of concrete — which is used when replacing uneven slabs — creates up to 8 percent of the world’s total CO2 levels.

Soil stabilization

As part of the chemical reaction that makes polyurethane foam expand, the foam also combines with the soil, stabilizing it and preventing it from eroding.

Less waste

When concrete is replaced, original slabs have to be broken up and dumped in a landfill. This is unnecessary considering that in most cases, nothing is wrong with the concrete itself. The problem is what’s under it. Concrete leveling addresses the root cause of the problem: the expanding foam clings to the soil underneath the concrete, and the slab — in a matter of just minutes — lifts to its original location.

Environmentally Friendly Concrete Leveling in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

Our Tri-cities concrete leveling experts care about our planet and are committed to using the most environmentally friendly products that are also the most efficient, quickest and longest-lasting for concrete leveling.  To learn more about our professional concrete leveling — or to schedule an inspection — contact Top Notch Raising at (423) 482-8383. We provide free estimates and will explain your project’s scope in detail before beginning any work. We proudly provide our services for residential and commercial concrete lifting needs in the Tri-Cities area.

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