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What are the Different Ways to Raise Sinking Concrete?

Kingsport, TN

If you have damaged concrete that is sinking or cracked, you probably are researching ways to repair it without having to totally replace your concrete slab. Many concrete repair companies in Kingsport offer three options to repair sinking concrete. But homeowners may not be sure which option is best for them. There are pros and cons to each option and the one that’s best for your concrete will depend on several circumstances. It’s best to have a professional concrete repair company, like Top Notch Raising, assess your concrete and determine which option is right for you. But today on the blog, we discuss three common ways to fix sinking concrete and highlight the option that yields the best results overall.

Replace the damaged concrete

If your concrete is badly damaged, you may assume that replacing the slab is better than repairing it. But chances are, your new concrete will not match the old section that is not replaced. And new concrete may not address the underlying reason that your concrete was sinking in the first place. Therefore, to prevent your newly poured or repaired concrete from sinking again is to understand the cause of it and address that issue first. Concrete often sinks or cracks due to unstable soil conditions underneath the slab. Soil erosion, compaction, or expansion directly affects the surface or your concrete. Opting for new concrete may only solve your problem for a short while unless the soil problem is addressed first. Additionally, getting new concrete poured is by far the most expensive option in these cases.

Mud jacking

Mud jacking is another popular way to repair sinking concrete. It works by lifting the settled concrete slab and pupping grout underneath the concrete to push the concrete slab. You may also have heard this process referred to as slab jacking or pressure grouting. The process begins by making small holes in the sunken concrete. Then, a dense, finely crushed limestone aggregate or Portland cement is pumped into the access holes, slowly lifting the concrete and making it even. Mud jacking requires a long time to cure before you can utilize the area again. This can be inconvenient if you’re dealing with a high-traffic area like your front porch or your driveway. Additionally, mud jacking adds more weight onto the soil, which could increase the risk of the concrete sinking or cracking again in the future.

Polyurethane foam

At Top Notch Raising, we see the best results from injecting polyurethane foam into the concrete and lifting it until the slab is even. We prefer this method because the foam is extremely lightweight, but durable enough to hold the weight of the concrete slab. The injection process is similar to mud jacking, it’s just that we use a foam spray instead of a limestone mixture. The foam cures in about 30 minutes, which means that you can use the repaired area shortly after we leave the job site. Additionally, the foam does not retain moisture and therefore, will not wash away.

Concrete lifting services in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City, Tennessee

Let us help make your old, uneven, and sinking concrete look new in no time with a quick call to Top Notch Raising at (423) 482-8383. We will have your concrete restored in no time and you’ll be glad that you opted for concrete lifting repair instead of pouring new concrete.

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