concrete leveling is essential

Why Concrete Leveling is Essential for a Safe and Stable Property

Kingsport, TN

Uneven or cracked concrete can impact the aesthetics of your property, create a safety hazard and be difficult to repair. Inevitably, soil erodes, shrinks, or compacts, which affects the concrete slab by creating an uneven or cracked surface. Concrete patios, sidewalks, pool decks and driveways may eventually crack due to this compaction or settling of the soil. If you’ve noticed cracks or uneven concrete on your property, spray foam concrete leveling may be right for you.

Improves home value

Your home’s value can decrease due to a concrete area that is sunken, cracked or uneven. Potential buyers may see the damaged concrete as a sign of neglect and assume that the other areas of the home have not been kept up as they should. While some home buyers welcome the challenge of a fixer-upper or DIY project, the amount of work that your home or property requires will reflect in their offer. Therefore, if your concrete is in disrepair, your home’s value may decrease or, at worst, turn away potential buyers. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, value matters if you’re trying to apply for a home equity line of credit or refinance your mortgage.

Reduced safety concerns

Damaged concrete poses a significant hazard to you, your family or anyone else walking on your property. Cracks or uneven concrete could easily cause someone to trip and fall. While some individuals may escape an incident with a few scratches or bruises, tripping and falling on concrete could result in knocking out a tooth, facial injuries or even broken bones. Chances are, you probably aren’t in a position to be laid up for several weeks because you fell and broke your arm in your driveway. Furthermore, a visitor who trips and falls could sue you for damages and liability. Therefore, repairing damaged concrete helps reduce safety concerns or the liability of someone being injured.

Keeps moisture out

Concrete cracks are subject to rainwater infiltration. This may not seem like a bad thing, but eventually, the rainwater could worsen the concrete cracks, and even leak water into nearby structures like your home’s foundation. It may take time before you notice, but eventually, rainwater running into cracked concrete leads to erosion. This means that the rest of the concrete slab, even the part that seems unaffected by the crack, could eventually sink and develop deeper cracks. If these cracks are forming in your pool deck, the issue should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent damaging your pool, which could lead to a much more expensive repair.

How can I fix cracked or sinking concrete?

At Top Notch Raising, we offer a simple solution to repair damaged concrete. The good news is that in most cases of cracked or sunken concrete, you won’t have to start all over by pouring new concrete. Instead, we inject a polyurethane foam material that is lightweight but tough enough to support the weight of the concrete. We also can seal the existing concrete cracks once the concrete is level. The spray foam sets quickly so you can use your driveway, patio or pool deck on the same day as your repairs take place.

Fix cracked concrete in Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol in Tennessee

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