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The Science Behind Concrete Leveling: How it Works

Kingsport, TN

Many people might be unaware of science-backed concrete leveling when they start looking for concrete repair specialists. Some have considered, or already tried, patching cracks with DIY supplies from the local hardware store, and others have attempted far more, uh, dangerous repairs … we’ll just leave it at that.

Having sinking or cracking concrete on your patio, driveway, sidewalks, basement or garage — anywhere around your home or business — doesn’t mean you have to shell out large sums of money for complete concrete replacement. Concrete leveling using expanding polyurethane foam is what our Tri-cities concrete experts use when possible because it is a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to concrete replacement. But what’s the science behind it? How does it work?

Leveling concrete with polyurethane foam involves four steps:

Step 1 — Our Bristol concrete lifting experts drill small holes, about 1” in diameter, at strategic locations in the sunken concrete slab. These holes are our access points to the areas underneath that need filling and lifting.

Step 2 — Injection ports are installed.

Step 3 — Polyurethane foam is injected into the ports to fill voids underneath the concrete. The foam’s chemical reaction causes it to expand and fill the voids under the concrete. As the foam applies even pressure under the concrete, our Johnson City concrete pros explain, it rapidly raises the slab to its original height and creates a strong, stabilizing bond between it and the surrounding soil. This process can be used on interior or exterior concrete surfaces, including patios, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors and basements.

Step 4 — The access points are sealed to blend with the top layer of your concrete, helping it look like a brand-new concrete slab.

Polyurethane foam leveling is far faster than other leveling methods, including mudjacking, which uses a slurry of mud instead of foam to lift concrete. The geotechnical polyurethane foam that our concrete leveling pros in the Kingsport area use takes only minutes to set. Lifting concrete with foam doesn’t require heavy equipment, and it is more accurate than other lifting processes since it can be injected exactly where needed — no waste of material or time! Polyurethane foam also lasts longer than mudjacking since it bonds with surrounding soil particles; it isn’t as susceptible to erosion from water or other elements.

Concrete Lifting in Kingsport, Bristol and Johnson City

Polyurethane foam is a science-backed, revolutionary repair process for sunken and cracked concrete in both residential and commercial settings.  At Expert Concrete Lifting, we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide our customers with the best concrete leveling services around. To learn more about concrete leveling, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Expert Concrete Lifting at (423) 482-8383. We provide top-rated concrete lifting and repair services to the Tri-Cities area, including Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City.

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