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5 Causes of Uneven Concrete — and How to Fix Them

Kingsport, TN

Many people decide to try to tackle cracks in concrete around their homes as DIY projects. But patching concrete cracks is a temporary solution that addresses only a symptom of a larger problem — not the problem itself.

Cracked concrete has several potential causes and usually one viable solution: leveling and treating the problem that lies underneath — literally. Our Tri-cities concrete leveling experts can evaluate any issues that may be causing problems and correct them, leveling concrete back to its original position and repairing cracks in the process.

What are the common culprits behind uneven concrete?


Water issues are the most common reason that concrete cracks. Soil expands when it absorbs moisture. As it dries, it contracts. Rain and snow — then dry weather — or water frequently flowing under or over concrete can cause near-constant fluctuations that lead to soil settling and eroding. The erosion creates holes, or pockets, in the soil under the concrete, and this can cause the concrete above to fail and sink. This sinking can cause a concrete slab to crack, often resulting in uneven concrete that is unsightly and can also present tripping hazards.

Dry soil

On the opposite end of the spectrum, prolonged periods of time with no rain can cause soil — especially of the clay variety — to shrink, compromising any concrete poured above. If a lot of rain follows a long drought, the water can fill the cracks in the dried soil, often causing erosion. This can lead to cracked concrete, too.

Poor soil compaction

We’d never want to unnecessarily point fingers, but it’s possible that contractors didn’t properly compact soil before pouring footers or slabs … or perhaps whoever poured the concrete didn’t follow specific protocols. This can damage the structural integrity of the concrete before it’s even dried.


Heavy weight — especially if not accounted for at the time concrete was poured — can cause concrete to become compromised and sink over time. Leaving a car in the same spot for a prolonged period of time, for instance, can create more problems for concrete than a car that is driven frequently.


Moles and voles, chipmunks and groundhogs — even pests as small as ants — are all notorious for building tunnels and networks underground … including under concrete. Once the voids are created, they provide easy and enlarged access areas for water to seep in and aid in soil erosion.

Professional Concrete Leveling in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

Our concrete leveling experts in Kingsport are trained to look for the root causes of sunken concrete and work with you to correct them and repair cracked concrete. To learn more about our professional concrete leveling — or to schedule an inspection — contact Expert Concrete Lifting at (423) 482-8383. We provide free estimates and will explain your project’s scope in detail before beginning any work. We proudly provide our services for residential and commercial concrete lifting needs in the Tri-Cities area.

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