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Can I Repair the Concrete around my Pool?

Kingsport, TN

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you likely spent a small fortune on your backyard oasis. One of the worst things you could encounter is your concrete patio cracking. This can be very disheartening and may leave you wondering how to deal with this problem. You may wonder if you’ll need to invest in a whole new concrete patio (what a mess that would be!) or if the damage can be repaired. So, today on the blog, we answer the question, can I repair the concrete around my pool?

First, what causes cracks in concrete patios?

Erosion and weather are often to blame for broken concrete. When heavy rain washes soil out from under the edge of the concrete, erosion occurs, leaving little support for the concrete. Soil expansion is also to blame for cracks in the concrete pool patios. Soil expansion occurs when too much water soaks into the soil, it swells, and then dries out, leaving voids under the concrete. Cracks and uneven concrete can be unsightly and could lead to trip and fall accidents, additional erosion and damage, and drainage issues. Ignoring cracked concrete could decrease the value of your home. Unfortunately, you cannot detect when this will happen, but thankfully, Top Notch Raising offers a simple solution to this problem.

How to repair cracked concrete around a pool

In the past, mud jacking was a method used to pump concrete under an area needing repair in an effect to “jack up” the uneven concrete. Unfortunately, this method only adds more weight to the soil and could result in worsening the problem over time. Instead, Top Notch Raising uses a polyurethane injection material at the repair site to lift and even the concrete. The injection material is lightweight, so it won’t add additional weight or lead to more cracks and erosion.

How fast can I get my pool deck repaired?

Homeowners are quite surprised to learn that our concrete lifting service can be completed in one day. This means that if you have a pool party planned, you’ll be good to go once the material cures and sets. We start by drilling small holes into the concrete. The holes are only about 5/8” thick. They are access points to inject the foam. Then, we inject the polyurethane foam to fill voids and lift the concrete. The polyurethane material cures in about 30 minutes and leaves no mess. Once the injection process is complete, we seal the access holes so that they blend in.

Get my concrete pool deck repaired in Kingsport and Johnson City, Tennessee

It’s the height of summer and you should be able to enjoy your pool without worrying about tripping or staring at unsightly cracked concrete. Top Notch Raising serves the East Tennessee, and Bristol, Virginia areas. Don’t waste your money by installing a new concrete pool deck. Instead, find out how our foam injection service can restore your concrete to as good as new. Learn more by calling Top Notch Raising at (423) 482-8383.

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