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3 Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Kingsport, TN

Concrete slabs are commonly used for sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and in a variety of construction projects. While concrete may seem strong and sturdy, it’s essential that the substance is level and poured on a properly prepared surface. Level concrete is necessary if you want it to be stable, last for the long term and be safe to use. Unfortunately, even the best-poured concrete can eventually crack, sink or become uneven. Many homeowners assume that damaged concrete must be removed and new concrete gets poured. The good news is that your concrete can be repaired with minimal disruption to your day or your property. Your leveled concrete will look nearly as good as new! Today on the blog, Top Notch Raising shares why it’s essential for your concrete slab to be level, and what homeowners or business owners should do if they need concrete repair services in Kingsport.

Benefit 1: Level concrete reduces accident risk

Damaged, cracked or sunken concrete could pose a trip-and-fall hazard that results in serious injuries. As the homeowner, you may be aware of and remember where these problem areas are as you walk on your concrete, but visitors may not be familiar with where they should walk and places to avoid while on your property. Additionally, cracked or sunken concrete that is not repaired may worsen the more that you use it. This is especially true in areas where you drive or park your vehicle, like the driveway or garage.

Benefit 2: Helps save money

You may wonder how spending money on concrete repairs can actually save you money. Although there are costs involved in concrete leveling in Kingsport, neglecting your damaged concrete could cost you more in the long run. Uneven concrete may cause water to pool on the surface, which could further crack the concrete during freezing winters. Additionally, rainwater could leak into the cracks and lead to erosion, washing away the soil holding the concrete slab. Unfortunately, if the water pooling or leaking reaches your home’s foundation, you could end up with a much bigger and more expensive problem on your hands.

Benefit 3: Reduces structural damage

Uneven or cracked concrete next to your home or a pool could cause significant damage to those structures. From soil erosion to water leaks, these issues could quickly lead to structural damage to a home’s foundation or a pool, if you have one. A home’s foundation could crack and settle, compromising the home’s structure entirely. And for pools, damaged concrete may lead to a leak, rendering your pool unusable until it is repaired. With concrete lifting, we level your concrete and seal any cracks to prevent this type of damage to your home or property.

Concrete Repair in Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol, Tennessee

Our team at Top Notch Raising has 15 years’ experience in concrete repair. We provide concrete lifting and leveling services for home and business owners using a spray foam solution that is lightweight so that it does not add weight to the soil but is durable enough to support the concrete, reducing the risks of trips and falls or additional damage to your property. We are also happy to evaluate your damaged concrete to provide an estimate before providing any services. To find more, schedule a consultation today by calling (423) 482-8383.

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