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Why DIY Concrete Leveling is a Bad Idea

Kingsport, TN

YouTube and Google can make anyone feel like an overnight subject-matter expert, fully prepared to tackle projects that, before the information age, would have seemed impossible to attempt. While the internet certainly contains a wealth of information to help DIYers tackle some projects with brilliant results, chances are, concrete leveling isn’t going to be one of them.

Every DIYer has been there: thinking that undertaking a project instead of calling experts will save money in the end. However, many DIY efforts like concrete repair end in disaster, leading to far more problems and expenses than were there in the beginning. Eventually, we end up doing what we should have done in the first place: calling the professionals. Reaching out to trained experts like our Tri-cities concrete repair specialists is especially important when it comes to a project like concrete leveling, which is both an art and a science better left to people with know-how. Today, our experts tackle just a few of the many reasons you shouldn’t try to level concrete on your own.

What’s the culprit?

Concrete repair specialists are trained not only to level concrete but to identify the cause of the problem, such as improper water drainage. Only when the root cause is corrected will a concrete repair last.

You need specific tools

Some people have used bottle jacks, which are used to lift cars and other heavy objects, to try to lift and repair sunken concrete. Others have used self-leveling concrete, which requires skill and isn’t practical for outdoor use. Some have attempted to DIY a leveling repair using mortar, expanding foam and dirt. Repairing concrete requires experience, skill and precision. A proper, long-lasting repair demands special, expensive tools and materials, such as a drill, hydraulic pump and grout mixture. DIY concrete repairs can lead to larger issues, like cracking a slab or breaking it beyond repair.

DIY work isn’t guaranteed

DIY methods of leveling concrete may work temporarily. But without it being handled by a professional, it will most likely eventually fail. Professionals guarantee their work will be long-lasting.

Professional Concrete Lifting in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

If you have questions about concrete or areas of concern, reach out to our concrete leveling specialists at Expert Concrete Lifting, (423) 482-8383. We provide free estimates and will fully explain the scope of your project before beginning any work.

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