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What to Expect During a Concrete Leveling Appointment

Kingsport, TN

Whether concrete leveling is a new concept to you or you’ve researched it and made your appointment with our Tri-cities concrete leveling specialists, you’re probably curious about what happens during the concrete leveling appointment.

Before beginning work, our concrete repair professionals will provide a free estimate after evaluating the concrete to be repaired. You will understand the scope of the work in detail before our Kingston concrete leveling specialists begin work.

Work on the day of the appointment will look like this:

Step 1 — Hello

First, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly Johnson City concrete leveling specialists. They will likely ask where a nearby water spigot is, and they will work with you — and anyone in your home — on an estimated timeline for the work, helping formulate action plans for anyone who may need to use a car or access the home while work is underway.

Step 2 — Prep

Concrete leveling is our specialty, and our professionals are efficient and knowledgeable. They will quickly set up and prepare any needed equipment for the leveling job.

Step 3 — Drill

Our Bristol concrete lifting experts will drill small holes — about 1” in diameter — at strategic locations in the sunken concrete slab. These holes serve as access points to place injection ports to reach the areas underneath the concrete that need filling and lifting.

Step 4 — Pump

Polyurethane foam is injected into the ports to fill voids underneath the concrete. The foam’s chemical reaction causes it to expand and fill the voids under the concrete. As the foam applies even pressure under the concrete, it rapidly raises the slab to its original location and creates a strong, stabilizing bond between the foam and the surrounding soil. This process can be used on interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

Step 5 — Plug

Access points are sealed to blend with the top layer of concrete, helping it look like a brand-new concrete slab.

Step 6 — Clean

Once the process is complete, our crew will add any finishing touches, clean any leftover messes and pack up all tools and equipment. We’ll be sure you’re happy with the services we provided before leaving you with your refreshed, leveled concrete.

Professional Concrete Leveling in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

To learn more about our professional concrete leveling — or to schedule an inspection — contact Expert Concrete Lifting at (423) 482-8383. We provide free estimates and will explain your project’s scope in detail before beginning any work. We proudly provide our services for residential and commercial concrete lifting needs in the Tri-Cities.

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