3 Reasons to avoid Mudjacking and choose Foam Lifting Instead

Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City TN

Sunken or cracked concrete is nearly inevitable as soil shifts and settles over time. Left unrepaired, it could put a damper on your home or business’s curb appeal, cause a tripping hazard, or water drainage problem. Maybe you’ve put off repairing your damaged concrete because you figured it would need to be replaced entirely, which is an expensive endeavor. While mudjacking is a commonly used solution to lift concrete, it isn’t the best method. Expert Concrete Lifting is here to share three reasons to avoid mudjacking uneven concrete, and why choosing foam lifting is a better option.

What is mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a process in which additional concrete material is pumped underneath the existing slab, in an effort to raise and level it, eliminating cracks and unevenness. While the process works, it isn’t without its downfalls. Property owners should be aware of the downsides to mudjacking and the benefits of polyurethane foam lifting so that they can make the best choice on how to repair their sunken concrete.

Material Breaks Down Eventually

During our colder months, the East Tennessee climate fluctuates, causing the ground to freeze and thaw throughout the season. Mudjacking does not use waterproof material. This poses an issue for mudjacking results because as water drains below the surface, it freezes and thaws, causing the soil to shrink, erode, or breakdown. If the area around the concrete does not have proper drainage or the joints were not properly sealed, it could break down the material and leave you back to where you started.

Excessive Weight

Mudjacking material, once set, is hard as a rock within 24 hours. While you may assume that it is a good thing, it also is extremely heavy, adding even more weight on top of loose or uncompacted soil. Usually, that’s what caused the slab to crack or sink, so adding even more weight to the area is only going to make matters worse. While you may see immediate results that you are happy with, those results probably won’t last long. As additional settling occurs, your concrete will begin looking uneven again.

Requires Large Access Points

To access under the concrete slab, 1-2″ holes are drilled into the concrete’s surface. These rather large access points will be noticeable after the project is complete, and could cause the top layer of the concrete to crack and become an eyesore.

Polyurethane Foam – A Better Option

If you want to repair uneven concrete in Kingsport, consider the benefits of polyurethane foam provided by Expert Concrete Lifting. Polyurethane foam is waterproof, so additional soil settling should not occur after the project is complete. It’s also a lightweight material, so it won’t add to the problem of your sunken concrete. It only takes about 15 minutes for the foam to cure, rendering your concrete ready for use in no time. Mudjacking requires a 24-hour cure rate. The access points for polyurethane foam are much smaller than those drilled during the mudjacking process, and hardly anyone will notice where the holes were drilled. The results of foam concrete lifting in Johnson City will leave the surface of your concrete smooth and level.

Foam Concrete Lifting in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

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