Sidewalks and Walkways

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City TN

Eliminate Trip and Fall Liabilities

No More Tripping Hazards

Did you know that cracked or uneven concrete could be a liability to homeowners, business owners, and landlords? Avoid getting into a costly trip and fall lawsuit by choosing Top Notch Raising to level your concrete with polyurethane foam.

HOA Approved

Concrete lifting using polyurethane foam is widely accepted by Homeowner Associations.

Same Day Service

Our technique means that your sidewalk will be repaired in less than a few hours, instead of days. Your sidewalk will be ready to walk on as soon as we are finished.

How It Works

If you need a sidewalk or walkway lifted or repaired, Top Notch Raising can help. We inject a geotechnical foam under the sidewalk, lifting it with ultimate precision so that the results are seamless. Concrete sidewalks often sink and crack due to settling or uncompacted soil underneath. Adding concrete by mudjacking only exacerbates the problem, instead of addressing it at its source. Polyurethane foam is only a fraction of the weight of concrete yet is extremely durable and stable enough to level the concrete. Enjoy a repaired sidewalk without liability when you choose our concrete lifting services.

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