Pool Decks

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City TN

Cracked or uneven pool decks? Enjoy your investment by choosing concrete lifting instead of replacing your pool deck entirely!

Save Money

Replacing your concrete pool deck could be costly. Not to mention, it could mean putting your pool out of commission for days or weeks. No need to disrupt your fence, landscape, or pool with our concrete lifting services.

Unmatched Service

Many Kingsport home and business owners have relied on Top Notch Raising to repair their concrete pool decks. With same-day repairs, and virtually no mess, we offer a simple solution to your damaged concrete.

Protect Your Investment

A swimming pool is an investment. Don't ignore the problem, which could affect your property's value. We can level your concrete pool deck with our efficient and seamless process.

How It Works

Top Notch Raising can inject polyurethane foam to lift and raise your pool deck, restoring it to as good as new. Got a pool party coming up? You won’t even have to reschedule it because we provide same-day results. Polyurethane foam cures in about 30 minutes as it stabilizes the soil underneath. We can extend the life of your concrete pool deck and save you money from having to replace it entirely.

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