What Kingsport Homeowners need to know about Concrete Lifting

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Kingsport homeowners want their property to look attractive and kept in good shape. Whether you’re maintaining your landscape, or your driveway and sidewalk, home maintenance is key to enhancing curb appeal and protecting the value of your biggest asset. A neglected property can quickly become an eyesore and end up costing more to repair in the long run. That’s why Kingsport’s concrete lifting is important.

Concrete Problems and Solutions

Concrete driveways and sidewalks are prone to sinking and cracking due to the changing nature of the soil beneath it. Uneven concrete is not necessarily a sign of poor craftsmanship. Concrete is extremely heavy, and when poured over uncompacted soil, or when erosion occurs, the slab may crack or sink, leading to a hazardous trip and fall incident. There are solutions to fix this problem without having to completely remove the concrete and have it repoured, which often is the most expensive option.

Why concrete lifting?

Concrete lifting is a non-invasive technique that we use to lift uneven concrete and repair cracks. This lightweight material does not cause the soil beneath it to shift or settle, which is often the case when mudjacking is used to fix sunken concrete. Mudjacking is a process that adds concrete slurry underneath the slab, jacking it up to an appropriate level. Large access points are needed to access the area beneath the concrete, which means that you are left with obvious spots on your driveway or sidewalk. Your concrete might be even, but it will be noticeable that you had work done on it. The cure rate for mudjacking could take hours or even a day or longer, depending on how much of the area was repaired. This could result in an inconvenience for you and your family if you’re unable to walk on your sidewalk or park in your driveway. While mudjacking works, it isn’t the most ideal fix for the long-term because the additional concrete puts even more weight on the dirt. Eventually, the concrete will sink again once the ground beneath it settles.

The process we use at Top Notch Raising involves lifting your concrete with foam. We start by drilling tiny holes into the top of the concrete, which allows us access to apply the polyurethane spray foam under the concrete slab. We apply the foam until the concrete is raised appropriately, and then the tiny holes are sealed to match the rest of the concrete’s surface. Polyurethane spray foam cures within minutes, which means your concrete is ready for use by the time we pack up and leave the project. Homeowners often appreciate this benefit as it doesn’t inconvenience them and their daily activities.

Why fix my uneven concrete?

Neglecting your cracked or sunken concrete may not bother you all that much. After all, you probably have become accustomed to remembering how to step as you navigate through your sidewalk or driveway. But, that doesn’t mean that visitors will notice the cracks or uneven areas, which could result in a trip and fall hazard. Think about guests that may visit your home, repair or service people, or delivery drivers. As a homeowner, you could be held liable if someone is injured on your property. Additionally, uneven or cracked concrete could eventually cause drainage issues that lead to moisture or water damage in your crawlspace, basement, or home. Why take that risk when you have access to a simple and low-cost solution? To find out more or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact Top Notch Raising by calling (423) 482-8383.

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