Patios and Porches

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City TN

Patios are prone to settling, which collect water.

Our concrete lifting services can save your concrete!

Save Money

Replacing your entire porch or patio is costly. Our polyurethane foam lifting services is a much more affordable way to lift and repair your concrete.

Same Day Service

Need your concrete patio fixed in a hurry? Our process takes only minutes! Your patio will be ready for use as soon as we are done. No need to reschedule your special event or turn guests away.

Seamless Results

No need to worry that our process will leave your concrete looking wet or different shades. The tiny holes we drill blend with your concrete. Most people will not notice the access points.

How It Works

If you’re like most East Tennesseans, you enjoy spending time rocking on your porch. That enjoyment comes to an abrupt halt when your concrete has sunken or is uneven. Our unique process can restore your porch in no time. After drilling tiny holes into the surface of the concrete, we inject a geotechnical polyurethane foam that is strong enough to lift the concrete and provide long-term stabilization and prevent future soil erosion from causing your concrete to sink again. Not only is foam concrete lifting a quick and convenient way to repair uneven concrete, but it also costs much less than completely replacing your patio.

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